Homemade woodpecker repellent or spray deterrent

They can be a problem for humans due to their drilling and drumming activities. These activities may increase in the spring season. Woodpecker can disturb human through their various activities like: 

  • By drumming on any metal surface, they produce a sound that is enough to make you uncomfortable
  • They may drill any wooden area just to make their shelter; they do it, especially in the breeding time. 
  • They may dig the holes in wood to find their food like insects; by doing that, they are going to destroy your home structure. 

Best homemade woodpecker repellent 

If you want to get rid of woodpecker then try these repellents:

Use of scare tape to repel woodpecker

This is one of the simple, quick, and easy ways to repel woodpecker from your home. This tape is mainly used by the people who have farms, and they want to repel birds from their property. This tape is made up of a shiny material that reflects shine from every angle, plus it has the ability to produce voice when interacting with the air/wind. To use this tape simply cut into the strips and use it in the desired area, you will see the results just in a few days. 

Use of owl as a repellent 

Do you know woodpecker is afraid of the owl as the owl is one of their biggest predators? You can make an owl with the use of plastic and colors, or you can buy it. It will help you to repel the woodpecker. 

Use of shiny objects

You will have shiny objects within your homes like a mirror or CDs. Hang them in the desired area. The refection of the shiny object is enough to repel the woodpecker. 

Use of sound 

You can repel the woodpecker by the use of predators' sound. Record the sound and play them from time to time. Through the use of predators' sound, you can make them fool as they will think some of their predators are living in this place, and as a result, they will leave the area immediately. Use different sounds at a different time to make them scary. 

Use of sticky paint 

We all are aware that they love to drill the wood. Why did not use sticky paint that is similar to wood color? Once they have noticed the stickiness in the woods next time, they would not even imagine using that area. Birds do not like to sit or land in sticky places. Use this technique; you would get the result immediately. 

Remove the attractants 

Last but not least we would recommend you remove all the attractants like the availability of water or food. Cover the wooden area with the use of the net. Use spikes at their landing places. Do not feed them or provide them any access to the food. When there is no landing place with any food for sure, they will decide to move to another place. 

Seal all the nesting places

Enquire all the places that can become their nesting place and then seal them properly. Try to seal all the holes or entry points that can become the reason of their entry within your home.

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